Our Training Values

Looking Deeper.


At Bold Athletics we value every person that comes to us looking to improve their health. Everyone has their own person agenda or goals when it comes to personal fitness. No matter what your fitness objective is we look at everything deeper and differently than conventional training – where most just grab some weight and “go for it.”

We always do the following when someone invests with our training systems.

  1. Online consultation
    • Yes I know this seems broad but this opens the conversation of fitness and their lifestyle and how they want to change it. We dig much deeper once they see us in person.
  2. Initial body composition 
    • Analyze hydration, body fat mass, muscle mass, segmental lean mass, BMR
    • This gives us a more clearly analysis of goal setting even after the consultation.
  3. Functional movement screening 
    • We want to analyze FIRSTLY how you move and if you move well or have dysfunction. Once you can move well we then load that movement and gain strength.
    • This screening and other assessments will give us an understanding of your mobility, stability/balance, and in specific muscle strength. Ultimately finding strength imbalances/ dysfunction.
  4. Program design 
    • When designing a program we take all the above into considerations as well as STRESS, SLEEP (recovery), and NUTRITION/ HYDRATION.




Once we have unrelieved and then repackaged the training needed to help each individual we keep them accountable through a multiple tools. This can range from weekly assessments, daily texts, using online training software, nutritional homework, meditation and nightly rituals. The list goes on and on and we take pride in how many people we have effectively helped with changing a healthier lifestyle.


100% Commitment & Investment.


I’ve been to, and have worked at many gyms. Seen some great trainers and some not so good trainers unfortunately.

I find it appalling when someone has invested time, money, emotions, and physical torment to not get 100% commitment from their trainer(s). If the trainer is on a cellphone, chatting with other people during a set, looking off in the distance, and totally disengaged the trainer should be ashamed! As this disengagement by actions transfers emotionally to their clients

We as trainers all have glimpses of frustrations and discouragement when not obtaining results for clients. But rather than take it out on your client based on disinterest do this……. ASK QUESTIONS, and FIND ANSWERS!

There is a reason why your client(s) isn’t having success. You the trainer that they have put trust into has lost interest or are having conflictions in the path you should take to ultimately get results for them. Meaning either ego comes into play and you just make a plan based on “I’ve done this before and it just works.” Or you are embarrassed that you may not know what to do for your client.

Simply put ask questions, find answers (is it stress, sleep, nutrition, work ethic, etc) and help your clients success in creating a healthier lifestyle or athletic performance.


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