Trainer Bios



Aaron follows a life coach philosophy. Meaning he encompasses multi facets of training and attributes that alter results in the real world. Specializing in exercise therapy he first balances the body to become symmetrical and mobile. While altering nutrition, stress, and sleep, he then uses proven training periodization and techniques to get his clients the best results out of their training be it personal results or athletic performance.  


ISSA  Specialist in Sports Conditioning 
ISSA  Specialist in Perfomance Nutrition 
ISSA Specialist in Body Building 
ISSA Specialist in Exercise Therapy  
Precision Nutrition Coach: PN1


Naomi utilizes an integrated approach involving holistic nutrition alongside periodized programming strategies. Naomi’s training focus involves structural balance, hypertrophy (muscle growth), glute specific development, and fat loss. Naomi is eager to work with motivated clients who have a zeal for personal development. 


BSc. University of Alberta
Advanced Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
IFPA Certified Personal Trainer 
Charles Poliquin – Essential of Program Design
Charles Poliquin – Metabolic Analysis
Charles Poliquin – Sports Specific Program Design


Sean has been serving the Canadian Military since 2003 with 1 P.P.C.L.I He comes from a background of bodybuilding and performance nutrition. He has evolved this in a precise measurement of intense training and synergistically introduced specific nutrition principles to become a IFBB Pro Body Builder. He uses these methods of high volume with heavy workloads with his clients to maximize peak efficiency in muscle building and endurance / stamina under strenuous conditions. 


ISSA – Specialist in Personal Training
IFBB Professional Body Builder
Specializes in Periodized Nutrition
Specializes in Hypertrophy and Strength Training


Spencer specializes in spinal rejuvenation, injury prevention, along side  athletic development. Using posterior chain recruitment and decompression breathing techniques he is able to rewire and relieve the body of all the daily gravity compression to your spine. Most people have developed some dysfunction due to their lifestyle or athletic development. Spencer builds you with a strong base that helps prevent, treats common aches, pains and increases athletic performance.  


BSc. University of Alberta 
Specialist in Physiology, Anatomy
Specialist in Sports Injury Prevention 
Specialist in Sports Performance and Athletic Therapy

Kristin Atkinson

Kristin comes to us with a vast background in sports and group training. Being an athletic therapist for many sports teams she excels general and sports specific training. Kristin is very meticulous in her approach to fitness and athletic performance. By screening her clients for mobility and pre-existng injuries she insures each and every client starts her programs at the right training stage to make sure fitness goals are met. 


Certified Personal Trainer
Specialist in Injury Prevention                                                                                                                                                                                               Specialist in Sports Performance and Athletic Therapy